Gotham Dental Volunteer Trip to Armenia

Our trip to Armenia was life changing.

We made this video to share our experience and shine light on the dental health situation in remote Armenian villages.

The more we spread awareness, the more we can help.

Please feel free to share this video.

For additional ways to support this cause, here are some resources:
Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) 

Special thanks to:

Haig, Lusine, Bettina, Astghik,

Kyle, Charlotte, Tiffany, Brian, and Ana

Thank you to the companies who went above and beyond donating to our cause and to those who donated on our GoFundme page:

Henry Schein Dental - New England
Darby Dental Supply
Milestone Scientific Inc
Ultradent Products, Inc.
VOCO America Inc
Patterson Dental

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Which Toothbrush Is Best?

Back in the good old days before the 1930s, toothbrush bristles were made of animal hair. We’re pretty happy to live in the era of nylon bristles, but how can we tell which toothbrush will be best for our teeth and gums? How hard should the bristles be? Are electric toothbrushes better than manual ones?

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How Diabetes Affects Oral Health

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 23.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes (whether it be type 1, type 2, or gestational). At least another 7 million remain undiagnosed, and that doesn’t include the additional millions who are considered pre-diabetic.

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Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth

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