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As the interrelation between oral and general health is significant, we start your initial exam with a discussion of your general health, including medical and dental. Our comprehensive evaluation includes oral cancer screening, cavity detection, periodontal (gums) exam and an evaluation of your bite.



Porcelain veneers are thin shells affixed directly to teeth, using highly advanced bonding techniques. They are indicated for uneven, discolored, or even damaged teeth. Or to simply enhance confidence and beautify overall smile.


white fillings

Natural tooth colored fillings have become widely acceptable and are often used in place of metallic restorations where aesthetics are a concern. They are an alternative to unhealthy mercury-silver amalgams. Some studies even show the use of certain tooth-colored materials can strengthen a tooth. Two basic tooth-colored restorations are used: composite and ceramic.


Dental Implants

Contemporary dentistry has gone through many changes, and one of the latest developments is the dental implant. Implants replace missing teeth and act just like your natural teeth.


Dental cleaning

Dental cleanings are important for your overall health. Recent studies have shown a connection between periodontal and cardiovascular disease. A thorough teeth cleaning is followed by a comprehensive oral hygiene instruction. You will finally learn how to use your toothbrush properly. Periodontics (gum therapy) treats bacterial infections in the mouth and excess build-up of tartar.


Invisalign orthodontics

We are a certified office for Invisalign: clear braces that are removable throughout the day. Are you interested in straightening your teeth without the discomfort and unsightly look of traditional braces? We are capable of achieving great smiles, in most cases, faster than metal braces. Dr. Samuelian has achieved the highest certification for Invisalign. See the faq’s section for more information.


EmergencY dental

You will always be able to contact us in times of dental emergency. Gotham Dental is located near Union Square, NYC and we will try to fit you in on the same day if possible.


ZOOm teeth Whitening

Achieve beautiful, healthy and natural looking results that are effective even on tetracycline-stained teeth. This method has low to no sensitivity and utilizes a comfortable, easy process. No need to give up coffee, tea, or red wine and is entirely safe for teeth and gums. Perfect for ages 14 - 90.


Single tooth Anesthesia

A digital platform for local anesthesia, The Wand computer-assisted Anesthesia system allows our staff to highly target anesthesia, results in less unwanted numbness and faster treatments.


Intraoral Scanners

The True Definition Scanner offers unparalleled accuracy, ease of use and affordability for making fast, precise digital dental impressions. Proven to be more accurate and more consistently accurate than other leading intraoral scanners, our 3D in -motion video technology generates a true replica of your oral anatomy—giving you more visibility right from the start.


Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may be necessary to ensure the health of your mouth or to reduce pain. Our oral surgeon provides a comforting environment for your oral surgery treatment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consult and with any questions.

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