Clear Comprehensive Dentistry



Our goal is to achieve proper overall oral & health care for all of our patients, with state of the art restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We specialize in improving patient smiles with conservative and non-invasive procedures. Our office also specializes in bringing the latest technology for traditional dentistry such as cleanings, fillings, 3D oral scanning and single tooth anesthesia. Since the inception of our dental practice we have not placed one amalgam (silver/mercury) filling in our patients’ teeth.


Complete Oral Health



Gotham Dental offers a complete array of dental services for complete oral care – from basic cleaning, fillings, and whitening to diverse emergency procedures, veneers, implants, and Invisalign assistance – all while using the most advanced tools to assist in your care and comfort.



A dental experience that inspires optimism.
The entire Gotham Dental environment was specifically designed to promote ease and confidence. 
Our team of designers and architects were able to use simple yet energetic ideas to accomplish a welcoming effect.