Keith O. (Verified Patient)

I'm a new patient and just recently went for a cleaning and check up with Dr. Samuelian. He was kind, patient and took the time to answer every question I had. I also had a great cleaning from the hygienist who was very personable and knowledgable.

Overall, a very good first visit. I found out I had two cavities that needed fillings and had a follow-up a few days later. I was in and out within 30 minutes and the procedure was pain-free. I'll be making Dr. Samuelian my permanent dentist and I'd highly recommend you do also!


Verified Patient

Dr. Samuelian was great! He was very patient and explained what was going on (pointing out on the X-ray where my filling was cracked, etc.). When I returned for the procedure (re-do the filling) he was very efficient, but still had time to answer all of my questions. His staff is also very friendly, helpful, and easy to get in touch with.


Tim C. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Samuelian is the real deal. I had gone a very long time without seeing a dentist- Incredibly anxious about the experience- but Avo came so highly recommended by several friends that I finally booked the appointment. The office is more like an art gallery- very cool and relaxing...and the staff puts you at ease immediately after the elevator doors open.

Tiffany is the best dental hygienist EVER! I just can't say enough good things about this place. Dr. Samuelian made me completely comfortable and walked me through every step of the way. Thanks to him and his staff, I now go for regular check-ups and cleanings! No more fear.


Andrew M. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Avo is the Best most Personable and Conscientious Dentist I've had the pleasure of meeting. Going to the Dentist is usually a very tense and anxiety inducing experience for me; however Dr. Avo and his Staff seemed to intuit my every feeling and immediately acknowledge and address my every concern or discomfort.

His office is unlike any dental office I've ever visited; the staff is warm, friendly, and attentive, and the environment and decor interesting to behold with beautiful modern art on the walls - like eye candy, the gave me something to contemplate while they examined my teeth. Amazing Dental office with an amazing staff. I don't know of another place like it. Highly recommend to anyone in the NYC area especially those who might be nervous or have anxiety when visiting a dentist.


S.V. (Verified Patient)

First - and most importantly, the office is super cute! Really comfortable seating (though I've never waited more than 5 minutes) with contemporary decor and modern artwork which furnish this loft-style space.

So, when I needed to find a new dentist to repair the botched job a possibly uncertified husband and wife "dentist" duo did, I originally chose this place for the location, (close to union square) and was pleasantly surprised with everything else.

Without dental insurance though, it seems a bit pricey, (for my parents) even by New York standards. However, Dr. Samuelian is always on time and quick at what he does and knows what he's doing. He's also nice to look at and bypasses all the small talk b.s while he focuses on getting the job done. The secretary is also very friendly (she actually appears to like her job?) and somehow always remembers me even though the place constantly seems busy.


Rich S. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Samuelian is great, clearly the best dentist i have had in 15 years living in NYC, if not ever. The office is really relaxing and manages to feel professional without feeling overly clinical. The staff is helpful with cleanings and reception sends you appt reminders and confirmations via  emaiI, so you don't waste undue time on the phone. 

Dr S knows his stuff and I feel very comfortable while he is dealing with crowns, fillings, ect. I have found him easy to talk to as he couldn't be a nicer guy but he definitely gets to the point and promptly gets you on your way. I  have even referred a colleague who loves him as well. 

His office is on 19th street in Manhattan, just north of Union Square so i am not sure what this Brooklyn address is all about.


Marty W.

Not only is the art cool, the atmosphere relaxed, but Dr. Samuelian makes you feel at home. This is by far the best dental experience I've had since I was 5 and still getting lollipops after a teeth cleaning.  Not that I wouldn't mind the lollipop for remembering to floss regularly.

Dr. Samuelian. Is like an advocate for your teeth.  And with the juice I drink and the sugar I eat, and my love/hate relationship with floss, my teeth can use their advocate.


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